Fuji Dance Carnival
08.22 (Sat) | Peace & one, YAMANASHI, JAPAN

Fuji Dance Carnival

Keep On Dancing

  • date_range 08.22 (Sat) 15:00 / Open 15:00 / Start 17:00
  • grade Ambient, Techno and more
  • labelDJ NOBUKAORU INOUEChidaKotaroKay NakayamaHRK
2020年夏、期間限定特別野外クラブが富士山麓にオープン決定! 最終日8月22日にDJ NOBUらが集合!

A special outdoor club for a limited time opens at the foot of The Mt Fuji during summer 2020!
Domestic legend DJs who leading the Japanese club scene from the 1980s to the present,
gather to Mt Fuji! Let's Dance in the clear air!
■Day 6 - 22nd Aug
Kaoru Inoue (Chari Chari)
Kay Nakayama (CHILLSCAPE)
Yas Yoshinaga (FUNXION)
DR66 (twinetrax)
HRK (Matsuri Digital Chill)
Date : 22nd August 2020.. 6 event is scheduled!
Time : Open15:00 / Start 17:00 / Close 09:00 (Next day)

Venue:Peace & One
Address:3335 Oasumi, Fujiyoshida-city, Yamanashi Pref.
Access : 10-15 min by Taxi from Station.

Mail : fujidancecarnival@gmail.com
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/724878321677467/

Entrance ¥ 5,500 (Exclude Accomodation fee)
150 ppl limited for each event!!!

Parking is available,
For Camping we charge ¥5,000 per tent for overnight.
Please contact to Peace & One for Reservation.
*No admission under 20 years old.
*Persons with a body temperature over 37.5 degrees or higher is not allow to enter.
*Personal photo ID required. We will keep your name, address and mobile phone number on the day.
*This event is hold even if the rain.In case of a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake flood or the cancellation due to the situation change of the new coronavirus, we will refund the advance ticket.

*About Gnats :
The venue will be in the forest. There is a clear stream nearby, so there will be gnats. Gnats are smaller than mosquitoes and hard to see,. if they stabbed it will hurts and become greatly swollen. You may be stabbed more than 10 places at a time. Mosquito repellent does not work. So Be sure to wear long sleeves and long pants.

️ Notes on the new Coronavirus:

*Please keep distance! It's an outdoor facility, so you'll rarely get close to other participants , but when you're dancing or when you're in the bathroom or in a bar, make sure to keep distance for yourself.

*Before using the common area, wipe it with a wet tissue before touching it, and wash your hands after used.

*Do not touch the lacrimal gland, and the virus can enter through the lacrimal glands such as eyes, nose, and mouth. It is very dangerous to rub your eyes, scratch your ears and nose without cleaning.

*Avoid the risk of splash infection by wearing a mask. Refrain from talking in a loud voice. If you feel uplifted and want to scream, stay away from other participants.

*Please be considerate of local residents. Set the volume of the car stereo to a minimum as possible. Exposing skin is must to be modest.

*If you feel a little sick, please give the ticket to a friend. Please come again once you have healed. We will prepare a special opportunity.

* Regarding requests for self‐imposed control for travelling.Depend on condition of Covid-19, we will ask for self-restraint based on the situation at the time of holding event.

*Please comply with the Japanese law.