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  • 08.25 (Sun) 11:00
  • EDM / Hip Hop
  • Yellow ClawPKCZ®SKY-HI a.k.a 日高光啓ET-KINGJ-REXXXKIRARAYShurkn PapTeamK from CYBERJAPAN

Biggest beach festival in West Japan!!

Since 2014, MUSIC CIRCUS has pushed boundaries and broadened the scope of live entertainment. In an age when global music events are expanding into Tokyo, the Osaka-born MUSIC CIRCUS stands as a pioneering symbol of what an original Japanese festival can be. By no means exclusive to the younger generations, this unique celebration invites people of all ages and all backgrounds to come together through shared culture.

【Official Web】https://music-circus.jp/

Organiser: MUSIC CIRCUS実行委員会
Production: TryHard JAPAN K.K.
* Entrance above 6 years old. Pre-school children not allowed even with their parents.
* Mandatory drink purchase 2 drinks at JPY1,000 (cash only).
* No changes, cancellations or refunds can be made to your ticket once the purchase is complete.
* Pictured ID required for smoking and drinking.
* Other notices updated regularly on official website. (http://music-circus.jp/)
Contact regarding this event: TryHard JAPAN K.K. (TEL:06-4708-6470)